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YoHost Linux Hosting FAQ: Domains and Subdomains

Do you handle domain registrations?

  At this time, we do not have an automated system for handling domain registrations. However, we can process .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info registrations manually if you would like. For each domain we charge $25 for the first year and $20 for each additional year that is paid at the same time. (Example: A three-year registration costs $65.00.)

Can you host international domains such as domain.co.uk? What about the new "biz" and "info" domains?

  Yes. No problem.

Are there any domains you cannot host?

  We cannot host a domain that is obtained through free "registration" offers such as .tk and NameZero. We cannot host a domain that is offensive or pornographic. We cannot host a subdomain of a site that you do not own.

I'm transferring my account from another hosting provider. Will my website suffer downtime?

  Not if you take the appropriate steps in the correct order to prevent downtime, namely:
(1) Open your YoHost account, and upload your files using the IP address provided to you. Using the information we provide upon signup, make sure everything on your site is working correctly before proceding to step 2. If you use Perl or PHP scripts, they may require minor revisions to work on a different server.
(2) Request your registrar to change the nameservers for your account to the ones listed below.
(3) Wait at least 72 hours, or preferably even longer, for the revised nameservers to propagate through the Internet.
(4) Check your email account at your old host to make sure you haven't missed anything. It should now be safe to close your account at the old host.

How do you handle subdomains?

  There are actually two ways to create subdomains for your account.

Standard SubDomains: For hosting plans B through E, you can create a limited number of subdomains using your control panel. These subdomains will be pointed to a corresponding directory in your main public_html directory. For example, the content for subname.yourdomain.com will be in the public_html/subname directory.

WildCard SubDomains: If you contact Support and request wildcard subdomains for your account, then anything.yourdomain.com will point to your main public_html directory. You can use mod_rewrite or PHP to provide different content for each sudomain, if desired. (Wildcard subdomains require a dedicated IP number.)

What are your nameservers?

    Name   IP  
Primary Nameserver ns.yohost.com
Secondary Nameserver ns2.yohost.com
Alternatively, you may use ns/ns2.yodns.com.

Can I have several domains hosted in one account?

  Yes. See the multiple domains page for more details.

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