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YoHost Linux Hosting FAQ: FTP

I don't know how to use FTP. Can you help?

  The easiest way is to use a program like CuteFTP for Windows or Fetch for Macintosh.

When I create an FTP account, where will it point?

  It will point to the corresponding directory in your account. For example, if the FTP account is named my_ftp, it will point to public_html/my_ftp/. If the directory does not already exist, it will be created.

What about anonymous FTP?

  You can use your control panel to allow anonymous FTP. Anonymous users will be directed to your public_ftp directory, which is outside the public_html directory.

I uploaded a file called ".htaccess" but I can't see it in my directory. What's going on?

  By default, hidden files beginning with a period are not listed. To view them, find a setting in your FTP program called remote file mask or remote server mask (or anything similar) and include -a in that option.

If you're using CuteFTP, follow these steps:
In the Edit menu, click on Filter...
Under the Options tab, check the box labeled "Enable remote filters (Server applied filter)".
In the box labeled "Remote filter," type -a

I created a subdomain, subname.mydomain.com. Can I define an FTP account that only has access to this subdomain?

  Yes, just define an FTP account whose username is subname.

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