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YoHost Linux Hosting FAQ: Perl

What version of Perl is running?


What modules are installed?

  Here is complete information about the Perl installation on YoHost's server.

I need some additional modules for my scripts. Can you install the modules for me?

  Yes, probably. Just ask!

Do you run suEXEC, and what is that?

  Yes, the server runs suEXEC. This means that your CGI scripts run under your own username. Non-suEXEC servers require you to change permissions on files that are to be modified by a CGI script, but this step is not necessary on YoHost's server.

In what directory should I place scripts I want to run, and how should the permissions be set?

  Scripts can be placed anywhere under /public_html, but normally they are placed in the public_html/cgi-bin directory. YoHost recommends CHMOD 700 for maximum security, but 755 also works.

What is the absolute path to my cgi-bin directory?


Is it possible to include my script output in an SHTML document using SSI?

  Yes. You can use either format:
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/anyscript.pl"--> or
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/anyscript.pl"-->

Is there any problem with using Matt Wright's FormMail script in my account?

  Unfortunately, unscrupulous Internet users have recognized the ability of this script to send spam email from other people's servers. For this reason, the server where your account is hosted does not allow any document called FormMail.pl or FormMail.cgi.

If you want to run this script, you can either rename it (since spammers' robots will not recognize it when you use a different name), or use the FormMail clone in the CPanel.

Is there anything else I should know about using scripts to send email?

  Just keep in mind that YoHost customers are not allowed to send unsolicited bulk mail (spam).

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